Finale – Summer University (GBS)

Nach einer Woche intensiver Projektarbeit war es soweit. Die Green.Building.Solutions. Summer University lud in der FABRIK PUBLIK in aspern Seestadt zur Projektpräsentation. Ein interessantes und vor allem zukunftsweisendes Stück Arbeit lag hinter den Studierenden, die ihre Projekte professionell vorstellten, und sich dabei der kritischen Anmerkung einer höchst fachkundigen Jury zu stellen hatten.

Die Gruppe unserer Stipendiatin Seda vertraute bei ihrem Entwurf ganz auf den Werkstoff Holz und argumentierte wie folgt:

We tried to be simple and effective for energy saving for our project. We used wood in all of our components. We used district heating system and for electricity we use PVs. The architectural design is also simple and useful for varying expectations. We put living  areas and bedrooms to the south to benefit from sun light in winter and put the bathroom loundry etc. to the north. We also integrated green walls and green roof to our design. It was so nice to work with group members from varying backgrounds. The time was so little but we did well for the project. I want to take the experience I gained to Turkey so that I can provide my country green building design concept. (Seda Karabulut, 2012)