PARCOURS II – Polyxenic series#1

Evamaria Trischak

City life means being stuck in vertical structures. Getting up on
places which enable a 360 degree view got a recreational ritual
in contrast to everyday life in valleys of buildings.

polyxenic series # 1 is a choreography with a strict ruleset including
movements to the compass directions North, South, East and West. On top
of a container in the middle of an old airfield the ritual of enjoying
the horizontal view gets abstracted. The performers create a canonical
rhythm with their movements. # 2 of the series is planned on
a rooftop, # 3 on a ship.

Choreography: Evamaria Trischak
Performers: Anna Mai, Anna Margarita Zellinger, Anouke de Groot, Boris,
Cornelia Böhnisch, Daniel Aschwanden, Emily Morgan, Evamaria Trischak,
Hunab ku Mata Caro, Jan Ernst, Petra Parvonicová, Polyxeni Angelidou,
Renee Kurz, Saju Hari, Silja Thomsen, Sophia Ribeiro, Ute Burkhardt-Bodenwinkler,
Valerie Bosse, Nina Fuhlbom, Zuzana Ernst.
Music: Prince – Xotica.
Thanks to: Istvan Varadi, Lisa Schmidt, Niki Passath, Yannick Leyen.